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2015 Submissions

Mushroom Chaos Video Game Loop

2014 Submissions

Dark Super Mario world V2 Video Game Song
Piranha plants dream of raving Video Game Loop
Bowser's castle SMB metal Video Game Loop
Metal Mario Land (loop) Video Game Loop
Luigi's Mansion Metal version Heavy Metal Song
Virtual World remake Dance Song
Lost in despair Goth Song
SMB Bowser's castle metal rmx Heavy Metal Loop
A Classical Numa Numa Classical Song
Dark Legion Of Anti Heroe General Rock Song
Numa Numa Trance Trance Song
Welcome to Luigi's Mansion General Rock Song
Defcon Zero (DDR version) Dance Song
Defcon Zero Punk loop Punk Loop
Slide Princess! Slide! Techno Song
Rocking Starman Video Game Loop
Numa Numa Punk V2 Punk Song
Shtarman! Video Game Song
Dark Super Mario World Video Game Song
Ultimate Numa Dance Song
Gaming Chronicles:Virtual Land Dance Song
Mario's Flagpole Video Game Loop
Gaming Chronicles Theme remix Techno Song
Gaming Chronicles Theme Punk Song
Maple Story Aqua Road Punk Video Game Song
Metal Mario Land (WIP) Video Game Song
Luigi's Mansion Punk Video Game Song
Numa numa punk Punk Song
Drawn to life snow lvl (prev) Video Game Loop
Shupah Starman Video Game Loop